How to Get the Most Out of Your SEO & SEM Tools

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For keyword research, backlink analytics and competitor analysis, SEMrush has the best stack of SEO & SEM tools around. This software gives you all the information you need to make good marketing decisions. It has you covered every step of the way.

The first thing to do is to enter your domain into the domain overview section. This tells you how your site is doing so far. It gives information like domain authority and traffic. This is the best way to assess your SEO health at the get go.

SEO SEM Tools Review and Overview

The next step is to check the organic research on your site. Here you will see what specific keywords are getting you the most traffic. This is the best place to see your overall site health, with regard to rankings.

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SEO Tools

With this information, you’re ready for the next step. Using the keyword information you just found, you can search for similar keywords using the keyword magic tool. This will give you similar keywords and the search volume for each one. The search volume is how many times that keyword gets searched for in one month. That’s valuable information when it comes to planning your SEO. You can also store different keyword lists in the keyword manager. This keeps your campaigns well organized.

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After you’ve gathered your sites basic info and gotten some new keyword ideas, you can use the SEO tool for backlinks. It works the same as the domain overview; just enter the domain. You are then treated to all the backlink information you could need. It shows how many domains refer to you, how many backlinks, DA, and what anchor text is shown on your links, and much more. It’s a great resource for assessing backlink health and seeing the quality of the links you have. If you need to disavow any, you can get that information here.

For more detailed information on rankings, you can check the “Position Tracking” tab, a part of the “Rank Tracking” section. Here, you enter your domain and see a detailed list of your keywords and positions of them. It also tells you if you’re moving up or down in rankings. It’s a good place to get a feel for your overall SEO results. If it seems like you’re moving in a generally positive position, then you know it’s working.

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As far as SEM tools go, SEMrush can tell you advertising research, PPC keyword ideas, cost per click map, ad history, competitor ads, as well as display, product listing, and social media ad research. There’s a lot of data built into these SEM research tools to review.

If these SEO/SEM tools sound useful, then it might be time to try them out for yourself. See what all the buzz is about. Click the link below and get a 7-day free trial for SEMrush. Get ready for better SEO!

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