Getting the Most Out of Your Backlink Building Tool

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What’s the best way to use Money Robot? Keep reading for an overview on how to use the SEO software Money Robot. Find out how to use this great backlink building tool for your off-page needs.

  1. Picking Keywords
  2. Primary and Secondary URLs
  3. Set percentages
  4. Add Tags
  5. Name Campaign
  6. Set Up Content Libraries
  7. Set Strategies
  8. Set Start Time and Date
  9. Create Campaign

1-Picking Keywords

The first decision you will need to start your Money Robot campaign is what keyword you want to rank for. You can pick more than one, but sticking with one produces better results. After you pick your primary keyword, you can generate a set of secondary keywords that all include your primary keyword. This gives you more of variety in the links you’ll be generating, while keeping the campaign focused.

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2-Primary and Secondary URLS

The next step is setting primary and secondary URLS. The primary is the specific page you are trying to rank. If you are trying to rank one specific page that is not the homepage, then you can use the root domain as the secondary URL. Otherwise, you can use the root domain as the primary and leave secondary blank.

3-Set the Percentages

The next step is setting link percentages. This is where you decide what percentage of links go to your primary URL and secondary URL, and what percentage the primary and secondary keyword anchor text is used in the links. This step gets you a more diverse array of backlinks.

4-Add Tags

Next you have to put at least three tags. An easy way to do this is by clicking the “Generate from primary keyword” button or by filling it in yourself. You can add more than three if you want, but three is all ou need.

5-Name Campaign

This step is mainly for organization, but its a good idea. Name by simply typing into the campaign name field. This will be helpful for record keeping, but is technically optional.

  • Set up Content Libraries

The content libraries are separated by tier 1 and tier 2 article groups. This step is completed by selecting through a directory your tier 1 and tier 2 content respectively. If you don’t have any content libraries, you will have to start writing.

  • Set Strategies

This is where you set up number of profiles, and number of links per , and how many days to work on your campaign. This type of tool helps you get longer lasting links. You also set a template at this stage.

  • Set Start Time and date

Now you just enter what day you would like to start. You can also pick how many days to run for. You then select the time you wish to begin.

  • Create Campaign
link building software backlink builder

This is the last step and is simply done by pressing the “Create campaign!” button.

Congratulations! You now know how to set up a Money Robot campaign. Try it out in the link below, and get ready for better rankings.

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