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Find out about the best set of marketing tools around. With every aspect of digital marketing covered, this is the most comprehensive toolkit around. Today I will discuss how to use and benefit from some of its features.

is the best digital marketing tool

The keyword research capabilities are a must-have for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is an integral part of modern marketing. It can check if keywords are smart to rank for, based on how competitive they are, and it can analyze up to one hundred keywords at once! This feature is where you go for advice, but the keyword magic tool is where to find the stats of your keyword and similar variants of your keywords all laid out at once.

The keyword tool is the best keyword tool around. It has both the search volume and how competitive the keyword is. This gives you all the information you need to pick the best keywords. Then you can be sure to rank for keywords that are actually helpful. If a keyword has little or no search volume, then it’s probably not worth trying to rank for. This tool let’s you compare all of the important data, which means better marketing choices. All of this will eventually lead to more stable upward growth in traffic and site rankings.

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When selecting a keyword, it is important to look at the keyword difficulty and competitive density. These will tell you how hard it will be to show up on the first 2 pages of search engine results. These are simple easy to read numbers our of 100% (Keyword Difficulty) and 1.00 (Competitive Density). The higher either of these numbers are, the harder it will be to rank for. It is wise to remember that SEO is a long term process, but if you pick less competitive keywords, it could speed up. This Keyword tool makes cross indexing information a breeze!

Another keyword feature is the keyword manager. This is where you can add and store keywords and check ranking on specific keywords. The keyword manager is essential to seeing long term growth. It puts your rankings for specific terms together for easy understanding.

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The last keyword tool I will talk about is the Organic Traffic Insights. This is where you get the most accurate information about your website traffic. This tool shows you how what keyword searches drove traffic to your website. You can use this to see what keywords are useful, and which ones you need to work on ranking for.

Click on the free trial below and see the keyword magic tool for yourself. This is just one of the many digital marketing tools included. Other tools include competitive research, backlink analytics, rank tracking, on-page SEO suggestions, and more. Get more out of your digital marketing efforts today! Click the link below and get 7 days for free.

best digital marketing tools

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