9 Fun Facts About the Best SEO Tools Available

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If you’re reading this you probably already know about SEMrush, but how much do you know? Have you been looking for tips on how to get the most out of your subscription, or reasons to try it? If the answer is yes, then continue reading for 9 fun facts about the best SEO tools.

  1. It has Great Keyword Research Tools
  2. It has a Keyword Manager
  3. Check Domain Authority
  4. You Can View Site Traffic
  5. You Can Receive Organic Traffic Insights
  6. Backlink Audit
  7. Backlink Analytics
  8. On-Page Tools
  9. Site Audit

1-It has Great Keyword Research Tools

With the keyword overview you can check a keyword’s overall stat’s or a domain’s keyword rankings. There is also a keyword magic tool that lets you search a keyword and find all the best related keywords. It makes keyword research a breeze.

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2-It has a Keyword Manager

This is a tool that allows you to store your keywords. You can separate them by campaign easily this way. It is also convenient to have a single place to store your keywords for later reference.

3-Check Domain Authority

Using the Domain Overview, you can check the Domain Authority of a website. This is a ranking that has to do with how much search engines trust a given website. This tool is a must for anyone who wants to do effective SEO.

4-You Can View Site Traffic

Included is a tool that lets you see your site traffic. That means how many visitors your site has had, as well as how long they stayed and how frequently they bounce. This is one of the best SEO tools there is.

5-You Can Receive Organic Traffic Insights

This feature lets you link with your Google Ads and Google Search Console to find keywords you might be missing. This will help you find any blind spots you have and help boost your traffic. It’s almost like having a strategy partner.

6-Backlink Audit

This tool has multiple feature regarding your backlinks. It will tell you not only the number of backlinks you have, but also the toxicity score. This helps you weed your backlink profile to stay as strong as possible.

7-Backlink Analytics

This is a more comprehensive backlink tool. It works the same way as the backlink audit, but it shows different information. It displays the anchor text and other SEO info.

8-On-Page Tools

There are on page resources for everything from content templates to an on page checker. This will help you have the strongest on-page SEO. On-Page SEO is one of two main catagories of SEO.

9-Site Audit

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The SEMrush Site Audit is where SEO strategy begins. Here you get an overview of things like your loading speed and linking errors. It works by crawling your site like a search engine and lets you know if there are any errors.

The Best SEO tools are all included in a SEMrush subscription. Get ahead with SEO. Click below to start your free trial!

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